California car ramming rampage caught on video

A California woman slammed her SUV into a few cars at a Sacramento gas station parking lot on Saturday, surveillance video showed.

The surveillance video from the Arco gas station showed a champagne colored SUV hitting a white sedan, driving off and then backing into a red car. The white car attempted to escape, but it wound up getting chased by the SUV.

“Her eyes, it was like crazy eyes,” Darian Murphy, driver of the white vehicle, told Fox 40. “I thought she was trying to kill us.”

During the chase, the car slammed a black SUV before going on to hit Murphy’s sedan a second time.


Brenda Turner, owner of the black SUV, and the three passengers in her car, barely escaped the vehicle before it was hit. Turner’s elderly aunt did not get out of the car until after the incident.

“I ran, I just didn’t know what to do, I was so scared,” said Mia Sawyer, one of Turner’s passengers.

Murphy’s car leaves and the suspect drives off but only for a moment before it returned to hit Turner’s vehicle a second time.

The incident's victims said they know who the suspect was and they want police to investigate.

The police have not asked for the surveillance video yet and have classified the incident a hit-and-run.


“It’s an assault and assault on three people,” said Mac Aguilar, Murphy’s father.

The victims said the woman has continued to drive the SUV and has returned to the gas station, where she is reportedly a regular.

“As long as she’s on the street still I’m not going to feel safe,” Murphy said.