Borough that refused man's penny payment for parking fine to install coin-counting equipment

A central Pennsylvania borough has changed a policy that barred a disgruntled handyman from protesting a $25 parking fine by paying with pennies.

Chambersburg officials earlier told Justin Greene of Shippensburg that his payment of 2,500 pennies wasn't allowed under a federal rule designating the copper coins as small change — not tender for debts greater than 25 cents.

But borough officials said in a statement Wednesday afternoon following "public uproar" over the matter that officials had used an outdated federal rule in refusing the payment.

Borough manager Jeffrey Stonehill said coin-counting equipment would likely be installed in "the next few weeks" — although he's discouraging anyone from using piles of coins to protest debts.

Greene said he's "pretty much over" the incident but still annoyed at the borough's initial response.