Boehner funds DHS, avoids crisis with Democrats' help, but GOP divisions grow as 2016 nears

House Speaker John Boehner's (BAY-nur's) job is safe despite passing yet another big bill that most of his Republican colleagues opposed.

The bill he backed Tuesday averted defunding the Department of Homeland Security while leaving President Barack Obama's deportation policies untouched.

But Boehner and his leadership team appear destined to confront fratricidal fights for months to come. The struggles expose the Republican Party's deep ideological divisions as the 2016 presidential campaign gets under way.

Even Boehner's most frequent House critics say his speakership is safe.

But two-thirds of House Republicans voted against the Homeland Security bill Tuesday. Democratic support saved it.

Boehner's defenders say he protects Republicans by letting them cast politically safe votes while he averts public-relations disasters such as shuttered federal agencies.

Some say similar showdowns are likely.