A look at the jury deliberating charges in federal Boston Marathon bombing trial

Here's a look at the 12 jurors deliberating in the federal death penalty trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev:

— Juror No. 35: male, works for the Massachusetts Department of Energy.

— Juror No. 41: female, works as an executive assistant for EMC Corp. in Hopkinton.

— Juror No. 83: male, student, psychology major who has put his education on hold due to financial reasons.

— Juror No. 102: female, former registered nurse, now works as a cake artist.

— Juror No. 138: male, works for Peabody Water Department.

— Juror No. 229: female, former social worker, now works as an event planner, volunteer for domestic violence hotline.

— Juror No. 286: female, works as a restaurant manager.

— Juror No. 349: female, works in clothing product development.

— Juror No. 395: female, executive assistant at a law firm.

— Juror No. 441: male, unemployed auditor.

— Juror No. 480: male, telecommunications engineer for Partners Healthcare.

— Juror No. 87, female, single mother of four children, works for local school system.