When it comes to money, some people act funny.

I was buying a new suit at Nordstrom yesterday and had a delightful conversation with the sales clerk. She was extremely smart--until she started talking about money.

"I don't know how people eat out every day. It's too expensive. I can only do it once in a while, but not on a daily basis. I'd rather cook." After cringing, I asked her, "Why do you say it's too expensive?"

She continued, "I have all these college loans. They just weigh me down. It seems like I can't do anything until I get out of debt. I basically have two full-time jobs and three kids to feed."

Thankfully, I paid off my college bill ($50,000) and credit-card bills ($50,000) with ease last year, so I clearly understood her dilemma. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to tell her what I'm about to tell you. I think it will make a lot of sense (or dollars):

You can't make dollars if you can't make sense.

If you keep thinking about debt, you will attract it. However, if you think about wealth, you will attract it, too. In short, you have to stop thinking about paying off your debts and think about earning wealth.

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Let me explain this concept further: When you think about debt, you're inviting thoughts of despair, poverty, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. This forces you to think about putting in long hours and makes you believe that you'll be paying your bills endlessly, which is a painful and miserable experience.

On the opposite side of the continuum of debt, you have wealth. Of course, earning money is a better experience than paying people whom you owe. When you focus on earning money, your debts will take care of themselves. Focusing on wealth leads you to have pleasurable, prospering, and powerful thoughts.

Here are seven quick tips for getting out of debt for the rest of your life:

1. Think About Wealth, Not Debts

Since you think about money every day of you life, you might as well have good thoughts about it. When you think about gaining money, you'll be more creative. If you think about debts, you'll die.

2. Pay Your Bills Willingly

The next time you get a bill, fine, or fee, pay it willingly. If you pay it painfully, you're admitting two things: 1) That money is hard to come by, and 2) You don't enjoy the services that you're getting.

3. Bless Everything You Have

Appreciating your substance only allows you to have more of it. You're basically telling the universe or God, "More of this, please." Take inventory of everything you have and appreciate it. You've got to take what you get to get more of what you want.

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4. Get Away From Broke People

There's a ton of people who will share their gospels about wealth. Stay away from these folks. Many people are charlatans when it comes to earning money. Seek richer friends instead. They'll help you get to where you need to be.

5. Don't Speak of Debt

Words have prospering power, but they also have poverty power. If you're sharing your poverty (or debts) with others, you're enslaving people with your thoughts. Instead, speak wealthy thoughts.

6. Go To Wealthy Places

Go and test drive a Rolls Royce and get the experience of a lifetime. You may even want to visit a few million-dollar mansions once per month. Surrounding yourself with prosperity will make your richer. You'll start asking yourself, "How can I get this?"

7. Buy Luxury Goods

When you purchase items from the luxury market, no matter how small it is, you will automatically feel richer. For instance, every week, I went to Pier 1 to buy gold forks. As I began to accumulate more superior products, my self-esteem increased, which affected my bank account.

Earning wealth is a more pleasurable experience than paying off debts, don't you think? After all, you'll be earning more money this way and enjoying the ride in the process. When it's all done, you'll have fun stroking big checks to the loan department. In the meanwhile, focus on accumulating wealth!

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