2 soldiers in casket photo flap removed from funeral detail

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They get to keep their National Guard jobs, but two soldiers entangled in a photo controversy that showed guard members posing around an empty flag-draped coffin have been permanently removed from funeral detail.

The Army Times reported Friday that Spc. Terry Harrison, who was seen in the photo, had been previously suspended for posting the picture on Instagram. Sgt. Luis Jimenez, who was not in the photo, was suspended for defending the image online, the report said.

The report said the internal investigation is complete, but would not share all the details on the disciplinary actions.

The photograph shows soldiers mugging for the camera around the empty casket. It shows 14 men and women posing, some lightheartedly. Two pairs of men hug playfully, another man has his back turned and is pointing off in the distance, and a kneeling woman flashes a peace sign.

The caption reads, "We put the FUN in funeral — your fearless honor guard from various states."

The photo, which originally was posted on Instagram, has sparked a furor online, drawing angry comments from people calling the picture disrespectful to veterans and those killed in action.

The Associated Press contributed to this report