Paris tackles rudeness to tourists with new manual

Most travelers are well aware of Parisians' legendary personal skills: not the fuzziest of people in the world, right?

But foreign tourist still flock to the City of Lights --mainly to because Paris is so lovely.

Now, Paris' tourism board is trying to get locals to more receptive to tourists with a booklet titled, "Do You Speak Touriste?"

"The aim is to fight against the poor reputation for welcome in Paris and the Paris area," said Jean-Pierre Blat, general director of the Paris area tourist board told the Telegraph newspaper.

Reuters reports that the six-page booklet has greetings in eight languages including German, Chinese and Portuguese and being distributed to taxi drivers and workers in the hospitality industry.

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It also contains some startling stereotypes about the 29 million visitors that come to their city each year.

For example, according the guide, the Japanese are the biggest spenders, but need constant pampering and reassurance. “They never complain straight away when they are not satisfied but will criticize once back in their own country.”

The Chinese have an "idealised and romantic" view of Paris, and come "above all for luxury shopping."

The Spaniards are on the “lookout for freebies,” the guide states. The Brazilians are “easily tactile” and want a “totally poetic experience,”  the Telegraph reported.

And the Americans--who apparently spend less than the Brits --are concerned about prices.

So the next time you're in Paris, the next time that someone asks you three times about the cost of something, smile and say, bonjour.