Google redesigns its logo and navigation menu

Google's new navigation menu will offer access to all of its apps (Google+, Gmail, YouTube, Drive, etc.) through a discreet grid in the corner of the browser. Announcing this update, the internet giant has also revealed a subtle facelift for its logo.

The classic black horizontal stripe that currently appears on Google's websites will give way to a layout more familiar to Android users. Users will be able to access any of the brand's services through a menu with icons in a grid layout, which should make for smoother navigation and a less cluttered screen.

After officially announcing the new interface Thursday, Google will roll out the update progressively over the coming weeks.

More perspicacious observers noticed that Google also revealed a slightly redesigned logo on the same day. The brand has flattened the letters in its name and subtly tweaked the colors, all without any particular fanfare.

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