No post-NHL lockout hangover in Buffalo; Sabres fans showing support in buying up tickets

Hockey's back, and so are droves of die-hard Sabres fans, who are showing few signs of holding any post-NHL lockout grudge in Buffalo.

It's evident in the demand for tickets. The Sabres announced Monday that it took them one day to sell more than 31,000 of the remaining 80,000 tickets they had available for their 24 home games. It was apparent at the team's store, where fans stood in line for up to a half hour to take advantage of the Sabres selling all of their merchandise — from $320 jerseys to toddler pajamas — at half price.

Sabres president Ted Black called the show of support "humbling." It allayed whatever fears Black had regarding what lingering effects the four-month lockout might have had in turning away fans.