FIFA presidential contender Chung calls Blatter 'hypocrite and a liar'

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FIFA presidential contender Chung Mong-joon called Sepp Blatter a ''hypocrite and a liar'' on Wednesday and said he is planning to sue the outgoing president for at least $100 million.

The 79-year-old Blatter is being investigated by Swiss authorities for financial wrongdoing. He denies any wrongdoing.

''Mr. Blatter is a hypocrite and a liar,'' Chung, a member of the FIFA executive committee until 2011, said in a speech in London. ''I plan to sue Mr. Blatter on his embezzlement in court.''

Chung said he his legal action would be launched in the Swiss courts, and pledged to return any damages to FIFA.

''My understanding is the amount of money I can claim against President Blatter is in proportion to the amount of damage he inflicted on FIFA,'' Chung said.

Chung is facing a suspension by the FIFA ethics committee for breaches relating to South Korea's failed bid for the 2022 World Cup and for openly criticizing the investigation.

Chung calls it an attempt by FIFA his undermine his candidacy to replace Blatter and he said he plans to pursue a separate legal case to ensure he can stand in the Feb. 26 election.

''FIFA has become a corrupt organization serving the interests of a few,'' the South Korean added.