Reid: A Senator “Broke His Word to Me”

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., publicly pointed his finger Tuesday night at a “senator” who he says, “broke his word to me.”

Reid was taking a swipe at Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., after Reid failed to get the votes needed to end debate on the financial regulation bill.

Brown confirmed he was the “senator” who Reid referenced.

"Harry Reid does not speak for Scott Brown. Scott Brown speaks for Scott Brown,” said Gail Gitcho, Brown’s spokeswoman. “Bi-partisanship is a two way street,” she added.

“He didn't vote for cloture today [Wednesday] because the way this bill is currently constructed would cost jobs in Massachusetts and does not include the fixes he understood were in the bill. He made that clear before his vote and after," Gitcho said.

Brown told the AP not to rule him out yet, and he may still change his vote. "I'm confident that something will be resolved," Brown reportedly said.

Reid has the power to call up the vote again whenever he wants to, and it could come as early as Thursday.