GOP congressional candidate builds actual wall in campaign ad

A GOP congressional hopeful from Tennessee has pledged he'll help President Trump build “the wall” along the southern border—and sought to prove it by literally laying bricks in a new campaign ad.

“This is the most important issue that our country faces,” Emert said on “Fox & Friends” Monday. “Enforcing the rule of law and our border integrity and our national security depends on having a wall built.”

In an apparent bid to attract attention from the White House ahead of the Tennessee primary next month, 34-year-old Jason Emert showed off his own building chops in the new ad.

“It all starts with a good foundation,” Emert, Republican candidate for Tennessee’s 2nd District, says in the ad, as he lays bricks down to build a physical wall. “If your foundation is solid, it’ll take care of itself for many years to come.”

Emert is then interrupted by his wife, Lauren, who asks if he is “really going to help President Trump build the wall?”

“You bet I am,” Emert replies, as he continues to lay bricks.

The ad goes on to describe Emert as a “pro-Trump, pro-wall conservative.”

“Brick by brick,” Emert concludes.

Emert is running in a crowded primary field competing on Aug. 2 to win the Republican nomination to fill the seat of Rep. Jimmy Duncan Jr., R-Tenn., who is retiring after serving three decades in office.

Emert, who is the chairman of the Young Republican National Federation in Tennessee, stressed that he is “not a career politician.”

His opponents are Tim Burchett, the mayor of Knox County, and state Rep. Jimmy Matlock.