Former congressional candidate sent death threats to herself

A former California congressional candidate reportedly is facing federal charges after she was caught lying to investigators about mailing herself two fake death threats in 2014.

After filing a police report, the former candidate, Karen Davis, reportedly failed a polygraph test checking if she sent herself the letters or if they were legitimate threats.

She later admitted she sent those letters. Now, she could face up to five years in prison.

Davis also acknowledged the ruse in an interview with a local CBS station saying, “You know, everybody makes mistakes.”

The first of the supposed death threats, according to the CBS report, read as follows: “A close up to your head or to your husband will be final. You make the decision not to run for congress.”

The second letter -- which it turned out Davis also wrote -- reportedly said, “If you don’t quit very soon, you won’t be warned. You won’t see it coming. Your family will have to plan a funeral.”

Davis even cited those letters when she announced her candidacy in early 2014.

"Those who threaten my right to run for office threaten our greatest institution -- and that's democracy -- if I back down, I allow terrorism to win,” she said in an interview at the time with KCRA 3.

She was recently released from jail and is awaiting a court date.