Tuckers Carlson and his production team enter dangerous territory in Uvalde, Texas in the latest episode of "Tucker Carlson Originals," where residents pack weapons just to water their flowers and police pursue potentially dangerous illegal migrants.

In the episode entitled "The Illegal Invasion," Carlson and company track down migrants, ride along with police, and interview locals during what may be the "largest immigration surge in American history," according to the show’s host.

Within five minutes of arriving in the small Texas town, a show producer alongside Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin Jr. encountered a train that was stopped by Border Patrol. 

Border Patrol discovered 52 illegal migrants inside.


Despite not being positioned on the actual border, McLaughlin said that the town acts as a "magnet" for illegal immigrants due to its railroad located towards the perimeter of the city — which runs from Mexico to San Antonio. 

"If you live on the edge of town and you’re in the yard, chances are you’ve got a shotgun or a pistol out there with you," said McLaughlin. "It shouldn’t be that way."

One woman from town echoed the mayor’s words and asserted that she never goes anywhere on her property without carrying a gun. She spoke on the condition of anonymity, fearing retaliation from Mexican cartel members operating in Uvalde. 

"It seems like we just don’t have as many rights as even the illegals do," she added.

Weston Robertson, who lives near the train tracks in Uvalde, said that his elderly mother will not leave the house, even to water the flowers. During the interview, Robertson received a call from his neighbor, Jared Arthur, who was searching for migrants on his land.

Arthur said that migrants often camp out on his property, stealing food and water after jumping from nearby trains. He characterized the situation as being akin to "the wild, wild west."

Carlson and his team were invited to a cookout with Arthur’s family, but things quickly moved from ribs and hotdogs to pistols and AR-15s. 

Soon after arriving, a police helicopter flew overhead, scaring the children inside the house. The men of the family headed for the perimeter of the property with guns on off-road vehicles, while the women listened on a police scanner for information. The family and friends knew what the presence of the helicopter meant: migrants had likely entered the property.

"You don’t know what [the migrants] are gonna do," said one of the barbecue attendees. "I mean most of them are probably good, wholesome people. But, you get that one percent—I’m sorry but, you’re gonna get shot.

Fortunately, in this particular instance, the property was clear.

Carlson subsequently met up with Danny Rodriguez, the chief of the Uvalde Police Department, to further discuss the migrant situation.

According to Rodriguez, the officers were attempting to thwart a number of cartel-scheduled pickups and drop-offs with human traffickers, known as "principles."

To stay profitable, they need to avoid police; according to Carlson, the cartels will sometimes take to attacking officers or going on high-speed chases to evade capture.


Unlike American citizens, upon arrest, migrants are transferred to Border Patrol where they soon disappear into the system—and into the U.S.

"Where’s our federal government?" asked a Uvalde Sheriff, Ruben Nolasco. "Nobody’s helping us out. Texas is defending themselves out here. They should be out here helping us."

Nolasco and other officers took Carlson and the team out to experience their confrontations with migrants first-hand in the full episode of "Tucker Carlson Originals: The Illegal Invasion."

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