Nikolas Lanum

Nikolas Lanum

Nikolas Lanum is an associate editor on the Media team at Fox News Digital. Read More

During his time at Fox News Digital, Nikolas has conducted, filmed, and edited exclusive interviews, and provided written analysis on a wide-range of high-profile media stories, incorporating data visualization tools as well as original video montages.

Nikolas joined Fox News Digital in 2021 where he previously worked on the Flash team to help coordinate the website's livestreams, YouTube page, write and produce original content, and act as support staff between Fox News Channel, Fox Nation, and Fox News Digital staff. 

Nikolas began working in television, and news media in 2019. He previously worked for ESPN College GameDay programming and Washington D.C.-based 24-hour news publication The Daily Caller. He has also worked on several live music events, film sets, documentary films, and television advertisements in a variety of roles. Nikolas graduated from The Pennsylvania State University Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications in 2021 with a B.A in Film and Video Production. 

You can follow Nikolas on Twitter or on LinkedIn.