Tomi Lahren on American unity after 9/11: 'It’s in us...We have just lost it somewhere along the way'

In an emotional new episode of "First Thoughts," Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren discussed the country's reaction to the September 11th terrorist attacks and urged viewers to "tap into" the unity that was felt across America on September 12th and in the days that followed.

"I wish we could all unite like we did on September 12th, 2001 without going through the tragedies of September 11th, 2001," said Lahren.

Following the 9/11 attacks that took nearly 3,000 innocent lives, a  wounded country came together in strength and unity, explained Lahren.

"As horrific as that day was, something rather magical happened the day after and in the days, months, and even years following, we came together as Americans," she said.


"We weren’t white, black, brown, rich, poor, gay, straight, Republicans, Democrats, we were Americans. We bound together in our grief, our patriotism, and our love of country and one another."

"Those attacks hurt us but they didn’t end us," Lahren continued. "Thousands of young men and women watched those towers go down and were inspired to join the United States military to fight for this nation, our values, our freedom, and what’s right."

Lahren explained that although she was young at the time of the attacks, the reaction of Americans across the country has stayed with her throughout her life.

"I've never been more proud to be an American," she recalled.

Later in the segment, Lahren addressed the largely divisive political climate, and questioned the possibility of "coming together like we did on September 12th, 2001" in present day.

"I wonder, will it take a horrible tragedy like 9/11 for us all to come together like that again? Is it even possible to replicate September 12th, 2001," the Fox Nation host asked.

"It’s in us, I know it is," Lahren said. "We have just lost it somewhere along the way. Somewhere in the abyss of fake news, partisan politics, mean tweets, and division, we lost it."

"I hope for the sake of this country and the world at large, we find it again," she concluded.

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