Leaked footage of UFO 'harassing' US warship is 'authentic': Jeremy Corbell

The footage was reportedly captured from the U.S.S. Omaha in 2019

Newly released radar footage obtained and released by a U.S. filmmaker shows unidentified flying objects swarming a United States Navy ship in 2019.

That filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell, joined "America Reports" on Friday to discuss the intrigue and potential national security severity behind the footage, which includes commentary from apparent Naval officers on the U.S.S. Omaha, a littoral combat ship, viewing the footage at the time of recording.

"The Pentagon did actually confirm that the footage that I obtained and released is authentic Navy footage," he said.

"This is corroborative, censored data that shows and supports the idea that I reported on for the last two months [in] releasing videos, that our Navy warships were swarmed by ‘unidentifieds’ – by UFOs. They were never retrieved and we weren't able to capture them; it's a real issue."

Corbell said he leaked the videos in advance of an expected Pentagon report on UFOs and how the military views and is or isn't dealing with them.

The image on-screen on "America Reports" was of what Corbell called a "transmedium vehicle" that was traveling a similarly high speed through the air and water – without wings, a tail or rotors.


He said the Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Sens. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has asked the Pentagon for a "full report", but one that is declassified for the average American to peruse.

"What I’m showing you with the imagery that I released yesterday, they’re in the air [and] they go on and off radar. That means they’re going above the scan volume or below it," Corbell added.