Connecticut pizza shop owner bringing free pies to doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus

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A Connecticut pizza shop owner is helping his community during the coronavirus pandemic by giving back to doctors and nurses fighting the outbreak at his local hospital.

In an interview on "Fox & Friends" with host Steve Doocy, Naples Pizza owner Kurt Kruczek said Wednesday that he got the idea from a friend in the restaurant industry who was bringing pizzas to his local hospital.

"And, I thought, what a great way to contribute to what's happening right now and maybe make it a little bigger and invite other restaurants to do the same," he explained.


Kruczek said his plan going forward is to do it at least once a week and twice a day for lunch and dinner.

"And, I'm trying to get other restaurants on board," he added. "I know we are all struggling right now. So, some restaurants probably will be able to do it. Others will not."

"Hopefully people in the area and people in areas across the country can buy gift cards to restaurants and maybe donate them to hospitals or police or anybody to keep restaurants going," he told Doocy. "Or even just call your local restaurants and order food and have it delivered to hospitals. Because I'm sure restaurants across the country would love to do that."

Kruczek said his restaurant is now probably functioning at about 50 percent capacity and that he was trying to keep his staff employed as much as is possible.


"I actually have two restaurants," he continued. "One of them I closed temporarily. We are going to try to open up today and do curbside deliveries and deliveries to other places. So, we are down about 50 percent right now. There's a lot of restaurants that are actually closed right now."

"So, anything that people can do to, you know, kill two birds with one stone – buy some gift cards, buy some food, send it to the hospitals – will keep everybody happy," he concluded.