Coronavirus patient under quarantine: 'I feel fine... been doing my workouts'

A Vanderbilt University student who tested positive for coronavirus said Sunday he "feels fine" after seven days in isolation, and continues to go about his regular workout routine while quarantined inside his home on New York's Long Island, he told "America's News HQ."

"I think it's really important to just be getting accurate information out there right now," Max Schulman said. "You know, all things considered, I have coronavirus, I'm quarantined in my room. I've been quarantined for a week. Other than that, as you can probably see, I feel fine."

Shulman said he has been keeping up with his daily exercise routine in his room, spent time working on school assignments and continued to eat regularly "as much as a teenage boy generally does."

"I haven't had symptoms in five days, so generally, I'm feeling pretty fine right now," he said. "This disease isn't that dangerous for someone of my age and health, fortunately, thank God."

Shulman was spending Spring Break in Barcelona, Spain, where he likely contracted the virus -- but it wasn't until his flight home that he started feeling symptoms, he explained.


"I was in the airport and I was just feeling super tired, and I was like, 'okay, this could be nothing'... and then I got on the airplane, and I started feeling pretty delirious and restless, and then that's when I'm like, 'oh, this could definitely be something.'"

Shulman said he "tried to keep myself calm" but when he came down with a 102-degree fever after returning to his home in New York, he knew, "this definitely is something."

Asked what advice he had for people thinking they may have the virus, Schulman stressed the importance of listening to health officials and remaining calm while staying informed.

"First thing, don't go to Barcelona," he joked. "In reality, I think the most important thing to be doing right now is... listening to journalists, listening to the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], to your local Department of Health."


He added, "The reason I ended up getting tested in the first place was, I was reading the news... I'm up-to-date... and I'm listening to direction. I'm not making decisions for myself, I'm not spitballing and making claims that have no basis in reality. I'm listening to people who know what they're talking about, and I think that takes the pressure off me. I follow people who have spent their entire lives trying to figure out how to deal with something like this."

With seven days behind him and another week to go, Schulman said he was prepared for his final days in quarantine.


"I've been here for seven days, and I've got seven more days, so I'm buckling up."

Fox News' Laura Ingle contributed to this report.