Wisconsin Mexican eatery opens just to give police free meals: 'I respect them a lot'

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A gesture of thanks was shown by the owners of a popular Mexican restaurant in Wisconsin on Sunday, November 13th.

Since early October, Gus' Mexican Cantina in Milwaukee has closed its doors on Sundays — except on November 13th. He opened the doors for some special guests.

The restaurant was packed as many joined together for good food, ready to cheer on the Packers. The patrons had more in common than a favorite sports team. They were all law enforcement officers.

"I love them. I really do respect them a lot," said Gus Hosseini.

Hosseini is the owner of Gus' Mexican Cantina and he cooked up quite the meal for our nation's bravest men and women and their families.

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"I want them to come in and forget about anything for one day. Just come in and relax," said Hosseini. "Everybody, their kids, the family, their wives, their girlfriends."

Each one of them was able to enjoy a meal for free.

"Morale will certainly be uplifted by this wonderful, I was going to say small, but this is a truly wonderful gesture," said Michael Crivello, president of the Milwaukee Police Association.

Hosseini said not only was this the least he could do for all the years officers who have kept him and his community safe, but he had a bigger message.

"All the negativity that's coming against law enforcement, I thought it's time for me to come back and give them support and my love," said Hosseini.

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