Which Houseplant is Right For Your Home?

Nothing brings as much warmth and joy to a home as a houseplant. And no, we're not referring to the medicinal one you've been growing in your basement.

Legitimate, honest-to-goodness houseplants — like the kind you might find at your local florist or home improvement store — have been shown to improve air quality and lift your mood. In addition, natural elements are always a welcome sight, and they aren't much trouble if you choose the right greenery for your space and lifestyle.

So which one is right for you? The home-furnishing experts at Made.com have devised the following flowchart to help you find a plant to suit your tastes, your home, and even your nurturing (or not-so-nurturing) abilities.

Keep reading to find your ideal houseplant, then stop by the local gardening center and pick one up today, if only to confuse any cops who might be tailing you.