Sanders' supporters – not Trump's – are big fans of Mexican food, Google finds

The adage has it that you are what you eat, but the number-crunchers at Google Trends are willing to explore the possibility that you might vote what you eat, too.

Before yesterday’s primary in New York, the web analytics page looked at the food searches of people in the Empire State who were also searching for information about each of the presidential contenders.

The results may surprise you (and whet your appetite).

While Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders failed to defeat Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s primary, his New York supporters were still feeling the Bern nonetheless as their top food searches centered around Mexican dishes – especially enchilada recipes and guacamole.

Clinton supporters, who helped the former Secretary of State take the state with 58 percent of the vote, seem poised to celebrate with healthy options like quinoa, arugula salad and shrimp scampi.

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On the Republican side, Donald Trump's supporters steered clear of south-of-the-border fare, opting instead for pork chops, flounder and tilapia.

“It makes sense. He’s more meat-and-potatoes Americana,” professor John Hayes of the Department of Food and Science at Penn State University told the New York Post.

Despite Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s love for bacon cooked on the barrel of a gun and hailing from a hotbed of barbeque – Texas, that is, not Canada – his supporters seem to have a preference for the Far East, looking up Kung Pao chicken and rice bowl recipes.

Supporters of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the remaining GOP “establishment” candidate, searched for established classics like filet mignon, chicken casserole and crescent roll recipes.

As the race moves on to other Mid-Atlantic state with Pennsylvania the biggest prize, we may see supporters's taste preferences shift to cheesesteak, scrapple and shoo-fly pie recipes.

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