Mom, 50, claims she's constantly mistaken for her teen son's 'sexy sister'

A 50-year-old mom from the U.K. has claimed she is constantly being mistaken for her 17-year-old son's sexy sister.

Shany Hagan, who regularly appears on the U.K. soap opera “Emmerdale,” says she's constantly asked for ID to prove her age when she orders drinks in a bar, tries to buy wine in a supermarket or even watch a restricted film at the movies.

The York, England-based actress — who stars as an extra on the soap opera — credits her youthful looks to being single.

Hagan has revealed that she stopped dating because people kept asking if she's "out with her dad," and her son Tom has banned any of his friends coming to their house after they remarked on her looks


Once, the mom-of-one allegedly almost caused a car crash when a 30-something driver was too busy sneaking a glance, and he almost pulled out in front of a truck.

"I haven’t aged a bit since I was 21 and people still think I’m that age when they meet me," Hagan claimed. "It was a nightmare when I was younger as no one took me seriously but now I’m reaping the rewards as I look 30 years younger.”

Shany Hagan, 50, pictured with her son Tom, 17. The woman claims she's given up dating because she’s always asked if she’s "out with her dad."

Shany Hagan, 50, pictured with her son Tom, 17. The woman claims she's given up dating because she’s always asked if she’s "out with her dad." (Triangle Press)

"Everyone is shocked when I tell them my age and they want to know my secret. It’s simple — I’m single,” she continued. "It keeps me young. I don’t have the stress of dealing with a man. I come and go as I please and that means I don’t have any wrinkles or worry lines.”

"I find people staring at me before asking if I’ve had Botox or fillers, but I haven’t had anything done."

However, Hagan reveals one particular downside to looking younger was people not accepting her as a parental figure.

"When I married and was pregnant, strangers gave me bad looks assuming I was a teenage mum, when in fact I was worried I’d left it almost too late, because I was 32," she said.

"No one spoke to me at the school gate when Tom was older because they thought I wasn’t old enough to look after him, and even now when I have foreign students over to stay they ask where my mother is as they assume I’m the teenager.”


"It’s funny now but it was upsetting when I was younger. I didn’t have a lot of friends and was isolated as the other mums thought I was some kind of Lolita who would steal their husbands,” Hagan mused.

The actress split from her husband — partly because he disliked the attention she attracted — but discovered new hurdles when she began dating.

"I would never want to be a cougar and go out with anyone younger as I want to feel secure and protected by an older man,” she revealed. "But it’s hardly romantic when other people ask if the man you’re with is your dad.”

"One time I was in a pub on a third date with a man I quite liked and a rugby team came in and some of the lads started pointing before one asked why I was out with my father, and my date went berserk,” she claimed. "They ended up fighting while I sneaked out of the back door. I never saw him again."

Her son Tom banned her from going to his school plays, parenting evenings and meeting his friends from the age of 13 because of her looks.


"He would go bright red if anyone saw me with him," she said. "One time I went to collect him from the bus stop and all the boys on the bus started banging on the windows calling me sexy, and wolf-whistling."

"He was mortified and said I couldn’t be seen out with him again."

Hagan has been crowned Miss Congeniality at the Ms. Galaxy UK pageant, runner-up in the Face of the World — beating 3,000 other women — and came third in Smile of the Universe.

In addition to being single, she says she keeps wrinkles at bay by applying honey to her face for half an hour every night before bed.

She also eats organic fruit and vegetables, drinks plenty of water and gets eight hours’ sleep a night.

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