Would you eat Caramel and Marshmallow Pizza?

For the sweet-tooth pizza lover, now there's a pie that has marshmallows drizzled with caramel sauce.

For a limited-time-only, Pizza Hut in Japan is offering a dessert pizza in partnership with Morinaga Milk Caramel --a popular candy in Japan.

According to the website Kotaku, the pizza is covered with mini marshmallows, roasted almonds and hot Morinaga caramel sauce.  Adding a savory element, it's served on a cheddar-cheese crust.

Pizza Hut, which is offering the pizza only in Japan, launched the strange pie to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Morinaga caramel. It's available until June 30.

So would you try a bite?  Japan is known for its wacky fast food, and some items look worth a taste. Not sure if we want marshmallow pizza, but why not bring some of those wacky inventions over to The States sometime?