World’s most expensive Valentine’s Day meal

Looking for the ultimate way to surprise your foodie sweetheart?

Michelin starred chef Adam Simmonds has created a dreamy 8-course Valentine’s Day meal laden with some of the most well-known aphrodisiac foods.

For a about $99,500, Simmonds will come to your home and prepare an exquisite menu that, according to the British luxury retail site VeryFirstTo, features delicacies such as “Native Oysters, with Almus White Caviar --a symbol of fertility--Confit Foie Gras and Smoked Eel, Rissotto with Carabineros Prawns, Saffron, believed in the Middle East to be alluring to women. Also on the menu is Gold Leaf, Wagyu Beef, Fermented Celeriac, Hops and Silver Leaf.

The company touts this meal --about double the average annual income of Americans -- as the world’ most expensive Valentine’s Day Meal.

Aside from the rarity of luxury edibles like truffles, one of the menu items, Pacific bluefin tuna, which is currently classified as "At risk from overfishing" by the World Wildlife Fund. Prized Atlantic blue fin tuna can easily fetch six figures at Japanese fish auctions. For environmentally conscious, the chef is pleased to offer an alternative course with Pickled Mackerel, Cucumber, Horseradish and Charcoal.

To wash down these luxurious eats, Corney & Barrow has carefully selected an exclusive wine pairing menu with over $27,742 worth of bubbly, reds and whites. And when you’re spending almost $100,000 on one meal you’d expect a little entertainment. A live harpist and “romantic poet” will accompany the dinner.

International diners should note that if you can’t get to London, be prepared to shell out more for chef and crew airfare and travel expenses.

If this all sounds too rich for your blood, a McDonald’s restaurant in Southport, North Carolina is hosting a candlelit dinner, featuring musical selections by Ronald himself.

“Our crew will greet you at the door, seat you, take your order and deliver it to you. All you have to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy your romantic evening with your date. Featuring musical selections by Ron,” the chain restaurant wrote on a promotional poster it uploaded onto Reddit.