Woman cracks open giant egg to reveal another whole egg inside

A British woman was shell shocked when she cracked open a giant egg to find another WHOLE egg inside.

Tracey Gelling, from Baldrine, Isle of Man, works at Gellings Free Range Eggs, a farm on the island producing around 30,000 eggs a week.

But she admitted she has never seen anything like this before.

In a video posted to her Facebook account, she explained, "We got this egg today from a 21-week-old hen, if you'd like to see the weight of it it's 160 grams [about 1/3 of a pound]. And we're just going to crack it open, because it's one of the biggest eggs I've seen."

Expecting the enormous egg to contain more than one yolk, she cracked it open into a bowl.

But Tracey gasped in shock when out popped another whole egg.

Surprised, she quipped, "Only one yolk though!"

She then tapped the second egg on the side of the bowl to crack it open, but it took several goes to break through the hard shell to reveal it too contained a single yoke.

As it broke, Tracey conceded, "I guess we class that as a double yolker."

Tracey uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption: "A rather large egg. In the millions of eggs we have had over the years this has to be the biggest. What are the chances of getting an egg inside an egg?"

The post has since gone viral, amassing more than 8,200 views.

Many people commented on the clip, with several expressing sympathy for the unsuspecting hen that laid the monster egg.

Sharon Higgens wrote: "Crikey bet some poor hen is walking strangely today," while Nicola Mcsween added, "Pity the poor hen that laid that one."

Others were amazed by the unusual egg and wondered at how it had happened.

Maxine Colquitt asked, "Wow how on earth did that happen? Have you seen anything like that before?" while Cheryl Callister wrote, "By the Christ gal that's a 'cracker' of an egg!"

Meanwhile pal Ali Ward joked, "You raising freaky chickens? Remember us when you've gone viral."

The article originally appeared on The Sun.