Wendy's new Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich is only $1

After dropping a positively fire mixtape, Wendy’s has earned some major street cred. Now the burger chain is continuing to prove that it’s the illest by offering a $1 sandwich on its menu starting July 1. Wendy’s new Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich is lunch (or dinner) for less than it costs to buy a popular song on iTunes.

“We know customers want to have it all — great taste and great price — and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Wendy’s,” says Kurt Kane, chief concept and marketing officer for Wendy’s, via a press release. “Our new Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich is spicy, melty and just a buck — what more could you ask for in a sandwich?”

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With a crispy chicken patty smothered in Buffalo ranch sauce, topped with lettuce and a slice of Monterey Jack cheese served on a warm bun, we’re not sure what more we could want. However, Wendy’s new dollar sandwich is a limited-time-only menu item, meaning that it will be gone just as quickly as the change in your pocket.

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