Try a frog smoothie for low sex drive

This is one green juice not for the feint of heart.

Jugo de Rana, which translates to frog juice, is a Peruvian specialty drink made with amphibian—bones, skin, organs and all—blended with honey, aloe vera, and maca root.

People drink it less for the taste, and more for its claims to boost energy and revitalize a waning sex drive.

One YouTube user recently posted a video video showing the entire process.  In the video, one man picks his frog of choice from a nearby container and watches as the street vendor kills, skins and boils the frog-- then blends to creamy perfection.

The slushy green mixture is then strained and served straight up.

The tourist featured in the video downs the entire drink without wincing, then high fives the cameraman. Maybe frog shake isn’t so bad after all. The second tourist then takes his chance with the local drink and a little something extra—a shot of vodka.

According to the Daily Mail, tourists in Peru flock to these street vendors to sample the traditional delicacy. In addition to increasing sex drive, Jugo de Rana is rumored to boos strength, cure asthma and bronchitis—all for a couple of dollars.

In many countries, eating frog is not unusual.  The French eat about 4,000 tons of frogs legs each year and in Japan, there is a demand for super-fresh frog sushi.

So how do you make a frog smoothie? Check out the full video below. Warning: some viewers may find the content of the video disturbing.