Pizzeria sells viral bottle of ranch dressing for $1000

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Would you shell out four figures to douse your pizza in ranch?

Serious ranch enthusiasts may have met their match in food delivery startup Caviar which purchased a popular pizzeria’s massive bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch for a cool $1000 on Monday.

Dallas pizzeria Cane Rosso made headlines almost two years ago for “charging” customers $1000 to dip their pizza in ranch dressing.

At the time, owner Jay Jerrier was adamant that his Neapolitan-style pizzas be eaten just as the chefs intended.

“It's weird, it always seems to be young, college-age girls that ask for it,” Jerrier told Eater in 2014. The restaurateur thought it would be funny to hang a bottle of the creamy dressing on the dining room wall in a glass case, “in case of emergency” style.

That massive bottle lay dormant for almost two years—until Monday night when the pizzeria hosted a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Southeast Texas, reports the Dallas Observer. One of the items up for grabs was the very special bottle of ranch that made waves in 2014.

According to Cane Rosso’ Facebook page, the famous bottle was quickly sold to Caviar.

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In total, the pizzeria was able to raise $20,000 for the local Humane Society chapter.

Cane Rosso has not said whether it will replace the bottle of “emergency” dressing.