Pizza restaurant's unisex bathroom note goes viral

A North Carolina restaurant is winning praise for its gender-neutral bathroom policy. 

Posted to Facebook over the weekend, a photo shows a note that hangs inside the unisex bathroom at Pure Pizza in Charlotte that spells out why the eatery doesn't have separate bathrooms for men and women, Fox 46 reports.

Restaurant owner Juli Metcalf Ghazi was tagged in an image showing the sign and posted to community page for the Plaza Midwood area of the city on January 9 by local resident Larken Egleston.

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Ghazi's note outlines the different scenarios when a family bathroom is needed that go beyond gender identification.

Single Dads with daughters

Single Moms with sons

Parents with disabled children

Those in the LGBTQ community

Adults with aging parents who may be mentally/physically disabled

Thank you for helping us to provide a safe environment for everyone.

The post that shows the note has gotten thousands of likes and hundreds of shares since it was posted.

"It's a very broad issue that there are often times people need to find a gender-neutral bathroom," Ghazi said.

Ghazi said the policy of unisex bathrooms was instituted in August. "We haven't had any issues with peeping toms or molesters or anything deviant going on in the bathroom. It's been just a safe, neutral place for our customers to come," she said.

The move comes as the the Charlotte City Council is slated to vote on a package of LGBT inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances that, if passes, passes it would prohibit business from denying people based on their sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity.