McDonald’s testing mini meals

Forget "supersizing"—the new trend at McDonald’s is to downsize.

The burger chain is testing Lovin' Value Menu “mini meals” at select locations, reports The Huffington Post.  But if you think that includes Big Mac sliders, you're out of luck.

According to a promotional poster, the smaller meals will include a regular sized sandwich like a new signature burger, a McDouble, cheeseburger or McChicken, which comes with small fries and a soft drink. The mini meals cost between $2.99 and $3.99 and range from 660 to 820 calories.

Last month the chain announced that in addition to simplifying options at the drive-thru, it would be adding more options in the “mid-price” category, with foods that range in price from $1.50 to $3—to cover the area in between its discounted Dollar Menu and new premium offerings.

Diners can substitute bottled water for soda or apple slices for fries at no additional charge, indicating the chain is looking to promote healthier alternatives.

Though the chain is touting the concept as "new," according to one Twitter user, at least one McDonald's has been experimenting with the idea as early as 2013.