Mario Batali chewed out for including recipe in sexual misconduct apology

Celebrity chef Mario Batali came under fire for including a recipe for pizza dough cinnamon rolls in a statement apologizing for his alleged sexual misconduct.

Batali, 57, issued a statement Friday though his newsletter, apologizing for his past misconduct after he was accused earlier this week of inappropriately touching his former employees.

“I have made many mistakes and I am so very sorry that I have disappointed my friends, my family, my fans and my team," Batali wrote, according to BuzzFeed. "My behavior was wrong and I take full responsibility."

Batali ended the letter saying he would “work every day to regain your respect and trust.”


However, the chef was not finished. Batali added at the end: “In case you’re searching for a holiday-inspired breakfast, these Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls are a fan favorite.”

A picture of the rolls and a link to the recipe were also included.

Tina Brown, the former editor of the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, slammed Batali during an interview on CNN on Saturday, suggesting that the chef offer readers a different recipe.

"How about pigs in a blanket, Mario?" she said, adding "sorry Mario, this ain't the right kind of apology."

Brown later tweeted that Batali's apology was "bungled."

Social media users also slammed Batali for including a recipe in a letter regarding serious matters.

“You know Mario Batali is very serious about changing his behavior because he included a recipe for pizza dough cinnamon rolls with his apology for sexually assaulting women,” one social media user wrote.

“When you’re apologizing for sexual assault and suddenly need a snack,” another person tweeted.

“Well, sorry about the harassment, try this recipe for pizza dough cinnamon rolls! Is an interesting message,” another Twitter user wrote.


Eater NY published Monday a series of accounts from three of Batali’s former employees and a fellow chef who accused Batali of groping or inappropriately touching them. In the following days, more people came forward with similar accusations.

Following the accusations, Batali was fired from ABC’s “The Chew” and his products were dropped from Walmart and Target.

Following the initial accusations, Batali released a statement apologizing for his actions, in which he takes “full responsibility” for the inappropriate behavior.

Fox News’ Michael Bartiromo contributed to this report.