We now have a clear winner in the battle for the most epically fattening doughnut-based sandwich.

Friday was National Doughnut Day and with it brought Dunkin Donuts’ new Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich, which features bacon slices and pepper fried egg, sandwiched by a glazed donut. But Dunkin has been outdone by their rival Krispy Kreme.

Meet the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe. The deep-fried, beef-based sandwich was sold at Chicken Charlie’s at the San Diego County Fair on Saturday.

The sandwich features mounds of Sloppy Joe meat and cheddar cheese on a glazed doughnut bun.

Images from the fair, posted on Instagram and Facebook, show the new culinary invention in all its glory.

“Well if I must die, this is how I want to go,” Jason Daringer posted on Chicken Charlie’s Facebook. “Wow!” wrote another user. “This is pure delicious heart-attack in the waiting.”

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Congratulations Krispy Kreme, you have taken the cake for the craziest doughnut sandwich.