It can't get any cheesier than this: KFC debuted its "Cheese Top" sandwich in the Philippines that is--quite literally--topped with cheese.

The fried chicken sandwich is topped with garlic-parmesan sauce and a layer of  American cheese over it's top bun.

The company's Facebook page described the dish as "the first and only cheese topped bun burger."

Response to the sandwich range from happy: like one this post, "Getting my cheesy fix ASAP. Can't wait to try this," to disgust. Another post read: "How could you eat this in a normal way of eating a burger? You mean, you have to touch the cheese also. Crap!"

What cheese is doing outside a sandwich is just something we can't get our head around either.

But in this new age of endless sandwich variations (just see the Darth Vader Burger or the cheeseburger-ringed pizza) the chicken-fried chain has truly outdone itself.