Iowa cafe creates Trump sandwich to make 'hamburgers great again'

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If you’re looking for the beef—and a little pork—with your politics, Iowa is the place.

The Northside Cafe in Winterset is now serving the Trump Burger – a massive sandwich aimed at “making the hamburger great again.”

The behemoth, created in honor of the Republican presidential candidate, is made with a half-pound of ham, a third-pound of beef, grilled onions all stacked on homemade bread.

Here’s how the café describes it:

“For the man who likes to ham it up for the cameras it’s stacked with half a pound of ham, but don’t worry – it’s piled on top of our famous no nonsense all beef all American monument third pound burger. We’ve added shredded cheese as Trump continues to shred the competition in the polls. Grilled onions for all the tears from political pundits who can’t figure Trump out."

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The owners say the new entree--which comes with fries and sells for $14.99--is “huge” -- and a hit with customers.

About 15 miles southwest of Des Moines, 139-year-old eatery also has a claim in Hollywood history and was featured in the 1995 film “The Bridges of Madison County” –which stared Clint Eastwood.  There’s even a spot at the counter that pays homage to the actor.

This is hardly the first sandwich named after the New York real estate mogul --and likely not the last.  Washingtonians have their very own Donald Trump sandwich that's called Full of Bologna, and in Boulder, Coloradans have their own spicy burger in honor of the Republican presidential candidate.