Having fun with wine

Wine had once carried the unfortunate stigma of only being for the rich or snobby --or both.  But recently, a fun twist has been put on the beverage-- adding colorful attractive labels and blending grape varietals--making them more friendly to the masses.

In addition to clever marketing, and society becoming more aware of how enjoyable wine can be, there are now countless fun and creative wine gifts and tools which make a once seemingly “boring” beverage, quite entertaining to drink.

No more naked wine glasses 

Who said playing dress-up was just for kids? Wine charms are one of the most functional, fun, and creative way to add a little flair to your stemware. Charms can be purchased almost anywhere you find wine merchandise, and come in countless designs and themes. The charms simply clip onto the stem of the glass as a fashionable way to distinguish your glass from the rest.

Wine tags, or Wine lines, are another cute and trendy way to jazz up your drinking vessel. Similar to the charms, they take a more jovial approach to distinguishing your glass from the group.  A Rhode Island based company, Fred & Friends, sells these witty wine tags along with a wide array of extremely clever and quite hysterical wine merchandise.

Wonderful wine gadgets

It doesn’t really matter if your friends know why you are pouring wine into your glass through that device attached to the bottle - you look cool doing it. Devices such as wine aerators and decanters are not only impressive, but circulate air through the wine allowing you to taste all the flavors it has to offer.

Wine stoppers are another useful and aesthetic addition to your wine’s wardrobe. The stoppers, from a practical standpoint, keep excess oxygen from entering the bottle which ultimately causes it to spoil. They also range in terms of their decorative nature. Some are topped with beautiful crystal or stones, some might represent something wine related, or some might be as silly as a banana or even a pickle.

Take your wine outside

Ever craved a glass of wine at the beach, or to accompany that perfectly packed picnic lunch? Seek out a wine glass made from a more durable plastic instead of delicate glass. With more impressive class than a red Solo cup, you can choose to go stem-less with a “glass” by GoVino. Many companies have options for both red and white wines, with or without stems; some even have stakes at the bottom to stick them right into the sand. Now you no longer need to worry about carefully packaging your glasses when venturing to the great outdoors.

Of course us wine drinkers are still as cultured and sophisticated as ever, but at least now we have endless options to make the experience anything but boring.