Drinking wine for a cause

Drinking wine for a cause

My producer and her fiancé are sommeliers-in-training.

They are young and in love and see the world from such a beautiful place.

They are the reason I was introduced to ONEHOPE.

They chose ONEHOPE wines to be served at their wedding.

ONEHOPE is a for-profit organization that has formed partnerships with nonprofits. Half of their profits go to causes the eight founders have chosen to support.

They launched in 2007 and partnered with Rob Mondavi, Jr. and have donated over 1.2 million dollars to these notable organizations.

Each wine varietal supports its own cause. So if you buy the pinot noir, a portion of the profits go to pet adoption.  Buy the zinfandel and the troops get a piece.  Pick of the reserve chardonnay and you’re helping to educate our girls.

Darius Rucker, of Hootie and the Blowfish fame, even signed on with ONEHOPE to make his own wine and will donate half of his profits to children with disabilities.

You’re going to pour a glass of wine anyway, imagine how much better it will taste knowing you’re doing some good.

I’m so glad I know this story now. And it’s all thanks to young love. That wholesome belief that gives us all hope – the same one hope  -- that the world really can be filled with love and kindness.

Congratulations, Meghan and James