Drink by drone: The high-flying new home bartender

A new concept by Herman Haydin, a Ukrainian design student, aims to take all of the guesswork—and we mean all the work—out of home bartending.

Yura flying robot bartenders are capable of making hot and cold beverages, cocktails and juices, up to 17 ounces, that can be calorie-customized for health conscious consumer, according to the Daily Mail.

The drone mixes drinks on a flat surface, calculating facts like calories, carbs, fats, and temperature—before picking up the cup and handing it right to you. For maximum ease, the robot is Wi-Fi enabled with the ability to respond to voice commands.

The new drink system might make a few people uneasy as Hardin claims that the robot can find you and bring a morning smoothie, no matter your location, since it has the ability to track people down.

Think this concept couldn’t get any wackier? Yura is just one of many designs featured in the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab content.

Another design called the U-Bubble features mini floating refrigerators that use magnetic technology to float through your kitchen.

And if your washing machine isn’t up to par, try investing in the Pecera, a tank that contains robot fish designed to eat the dirt off your clothes and gently clean them.

The futuristic appliances might be out there, but these ambitious designers are vying for a $6,800 top prize and a 6-month internship at an Electrolux global design center.