Doughnut Burgers Might Soon Go Mainstream, According to Market Analysts

Maybe you've heard tales of a gimmicky restaurant that serves a hamburger on a halved doughnut, or even thought about making this off-beat burger at home. It might be really good, and it might be kinda weird, but no matter what, it's probably going to be fun.

And up until now, that's all you'd really expect. It's a novelty.

According to analysts at MarketWatch, however, we might soon be seeing "doughnut burgers" at every burger joint in town. Sparked by the purchase of the Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons by Burger King, MarketWatch foresees a culinary mash-up of burgers and doughnuts on their menus in the near future — and if their prediction is correct, the new offerings will only inspire competitors to follow suit.

As reported by GrubStreet, Tim Horton's may have already begun its "very deep dive into fast-food mash-up territory" with its current Buffalo Crunch doughnuts (pictured below). Currently available at the New York State Fair, Buffalo Crunch doughtnuts are a kind of pull-apart fried dough topped with buffalo sauce and crushed tortillas, and they're being perceived as the harbinger of Tim Hortons (or Burger King) foods to come.

MarketWatch also points to Taco Bell's Waffle Taco and Dunkin' Donuts' Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich as mash-up fast-food items that have already paved the way for any "Frankenfoods" to come. And why bother with a brand new mash-up when most Americans already have a passing familiarity with the doughnut burger, or "Luther" as it has come to be known in certain parts of the country (as it was supposedly invented by late singer Luther Vandross)?

Only one question remains: Is there enough demand to permanently at "Luther" burgers to fast-food restaurants across the country? Is it really poised to go mainstream? Give us your thoughts in the poll below.