Cute Kids Experience Japanese Food (and Wasabi) for the Very First Time

The folks at WatchCut have worked with dozens of cute kids on their popular YouTube series "American Kids Try," but we're pretty sure Ernie is their new breakout star.

Oh, Ernie. If you're not our favorite internet personality of all time, we don't know who is. From the moment we first saw you we were enthralled with your work.

And this latest video? Where you sample Japanese food? It's brilliant, for several reasons. First, you attempt to cool your miso soup with pure lungpower. Then, you get wasabi literally everywhere but in your mouth. Later on, you bite into your shrimp tempura tail-first. And finally, in a stroke of pure genius, you tell your own father you're allergic to mochi ice cream so you won't have to eat it, even though he knows darn well you aren't allergic to mochi ice cream.

In other words, Ernie is too adorable to not have his own series. Get on it, WatchCut.

Watch the clip above to see Ernie sample more Japanese food, then