Black Tap's Colossal Cookie Shake is a Great Valentine's Treat For Two (or Six)

If you haven't heard of NYC's Black Tap and their over-the-top milkshakes, you've likely been living under a rock for the past few months.

In any case, Black Tap has recently earned itself a reputation as the top culinary destination in the city, and it's all thanks to Brittany Stark's decadent shake recipes — each of which could be reasonably described as freaking ridiculous. For example, she's been known to make birthday milkshakes topped with actual slices of birthday cake, caramel shakes garnished with entire caramel apples, and cookie milkshakes overflowing with cookie crumbs, chocolate sauce, and massive ice cream sandwiches.

We're not kidding, either. Brittany just keeps going …

… and going …

… and going.

Naturally, we needed to try one of these shakes for ourselves — which was no easy feat, considering the line for Black Tap stretches around the block — but believe us, they're worth the wait.

Watch the video below for a lesson in assembling a monstrous milkshake for you and your sweetheart, then crawl back under your rock for a long nap. You're gonna need one.

Still hungry? Here, have a look at some of Black Tap's other, equally ridiculous milkshake specials: