Avocado banned at London restaurant

You don’t have to look too hard to find avocado at any restaurant these days. They’re stuffed into sandwiches, blended into smoothies, spread on toast, and sometimes even mashed into the underside of the table-- depending on whether or not you brought your kids along.

But now, the chef of a London eatery called Firedog has had it up to here with the avocado craze, and he's recently issued a no-avocado edict across the restaurant's entire menu.


“Our mission is to reinvigorate the morning dining scene in London, which has done avocado to death, and we’re frankly bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu,” head chef George Notley told The Independent.

Instead of avocado, Firedog says they plan to focus on Aegean-inspired ingredients and snacks to create dishes that feature other, less pervasive superfoods, including fennel, beets and pomegranate. But as Condé Nast Traveler points out, Firedog still hasn't curtailed their use of matcha, which they describe as another "trendy item."

It’s too soon to tell if Firedog’s aversion to avocado is part of a larger backlash against the omnipresent fruit, though it seems unlikely across the pond given recent trends.

According to a 2015 Grubstreet post, the average American ate 5.8 pounds of avocado in 2014. Food and Wine also reported that the country consumes an estimated 278 million individual avocadoes on Super Bowl Sunday.

Avocadoes are also as popular as they’ve ever been on Firedog’s side of the Atlantic. In 2015, for instance, U.K. consumers spent more money on avocadoes than they did oranges for the first time in history, reports The Independent.


Still, Notley seems confident that he can put together an alluring menu without one of brunch’s most popular components.

“The ever-evolving cooking methods used in Aegean street food inspired us to create a colorful menu rich in interesting flavors and fresh ingredients,” added Notley. “All without an avocado in sight!”