We’ve all been taught not to play with our food, but for Massachusetts artist Judith Klausner playing with food is a craft.

Since 2010, Klausner has been creating works of art from items like Oreo cookies and Chex cereal for her “From Scratch” series on expertly altered food stuffs.

The series includes embroideries made on toast, portraits carved in Oreo frosting, wallpaper painted with condiments, cross-stitching in Chex cereal and stained glass made from gummies.

“This nostalgia for the culinary past—before packaged foods and high-fructose corn syrup—fails to take into consideration just how much time it takes to make three full meals a day from scratch,” Klausner writes on her blog. “Today, as we come to realize that something has been lost in the mechanization of everything around us, there is a return to the idea that making something from its most basic parts has great value."

Click on the slideshow above to see Klausner’s work.