On the third episode of CBS’ “Young Sheldon,” the series re-introduced his famed Meemaw in an adventure that bonded the kids and totally freaked out the adults.

The episode opens with Meemaw babysitting the gang and doing a rather unorthodox job. Georgie is outside playing with firecrackers after going on a run to the store for cigarettes, Missy is singing in her room deliriously hopped-up on candy and Sheldon is learning the concept of bluffing at poker. Sheldon’s parents come home soon and their babysitter is dismissed.

The next day at church, Sheldon takes issue with Pastor Jeff’s assertion that there’s a 50/50 chance God is real. He tries to break down the science for the youngster, but they reach an impasse when the pastor suggests that some of Sheldon’s favorite scientists were men of faith.

“So Darwin is right about God, but wrong about evolution?”

“Now you’re getting it!”

Sheldon, vowing to destroy Pastor Jeff the following week, has his faith tested when George Sr. stars experiencing chest pains. Mary acts quickly to take him to the hospital and makes Meemaw come and babysit. The situation is scary as none of the kids have ever really seen a parent get into hospital-level trouble before. When Georgie comes home, he says he doesn’t want to go to bed and believes their place is at the hospital. Once Meemaw passes out from drinking too much pink wine, the kids launch a daring plan.

Missy and Georgie agree to snag Meemaw’s keys and take her car to the hospital. After some protest and a whole lot of safety precautions, Sheldon joins them. Unfortunately, none of them know how to get to the hospital, and have to wait to chase an ambulance there. Because they got lost, Meemaw was able to beat them there by about a second. When the kids arrive, she does the cool babysitter thing and covers for the kids.

“Nice bluff,” Sheldon quips.

With the whole family in one place, Mary goes to check on George Sr. while Sheldon tries to find a place to compulsively wash his hands.

“There’s germs here that could kill me,” he says.

While wandering, he catches a glimpse of his father being taken care of. He’s shocked and frightened by the image of his weak dad panting and holding his mom’s hand tightly. In that moment, he finds his faith and goes to the chapel to pray. His experience with faith pays off as his mom later comes out to inform them that their dad is going to be OK. He had a minor heart attack with no lasting damage.

The episode ends the following week in church, where this time George Sr. is present, as Sheldon begins to question the pastor during his sermon.