Imagine if the land of the free was taken over by a foreign country. and you were treated like a prisoner in your nation. That’s what happens in the modern day re-boot of the classic 1984 film “Red Dawn,” which opens nationwide on November 21. Although the cast is different, the patriotic theme remains the same: fighting for what you believe in, and protecting your home.

One of the stars of “Red Dawn,” Josh Peck, said his transition from Nickelodeon tween (he was Josh in 'Drake and Josh') to action star has done wonders for his testosterone levels.

“I’ve peaked as far as masculinity goes for any part I’ll play the rest of my life," Peck told FOX411. "I’m as butch as I’m gonna get."

Peck said he was a mite anxious about playing the role that helped Charlie Sheen become famous.

“Yo, I’m trying to stay off Sheen’s radar. That makes me a little nervous," he laughed. "I’m a ridiculous fan of his and I hope I made him proud. I hope I won. I’m winning."

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Peck, 26, says diehard fans of the original 'Red Dawn' will love the new one too.

“The original film came out at a time when the political environment was so hot  Kids at school were doing bomb drills in which the time it came out. The enemy was relevant. I think we set out to pay homage to the original and yet almost 30 years later, the scope of the movie is bigger and we can utilize all of these new technologies and new techniques in shooting movies," he said. "The true fans of the original will be blasted with nostalgia and also enjoy something new. ”

The 'Red Dawn' cast is chock full of today’s hottest stars including Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, co-stars Peck calls pals.

“He’s (Hemsworth) dreamy. He’s all man. He’s my friend. It’s really interesting to watch his progression now, same with Josh Hutcherson, being in these gigantic films like 'The Avengers' and 'Hunger Games," Peck said. "For me, it’s great. I get to be a fan of my friends.”