William Levy: Working With Jennifer Lopez Was Very Nice

Telenovela star and Cuban sex symbol William Levy, says he had a blast working with Jennifer López in her new video "I'm into you."

Levy, 30, feels J.Lo is "fun and a very simple person," according to Gossip Internet site Enelbrasero.com

"It was very nice," Levy is quoted saying. "I felt very comfortable."

Levy reinforced how he's astonished at how grounded J.Lo has managed to stay, despite her over the top career and fame.

"Jennifer is fun and a very simple person," said Levy. "I really had a great time and it was such a pleasure to see that although she's so successful, she's managed to stay so simple."

Levy, who's currently playing Maximiliano Sandoval in Televisa's soap opera "El triunfo del amor," joined López in Yucatán, Mexico. He plays her love interest in her newest video.

Although it was all work, Levy said López certainly has a light side.

"She is very funny," Levy said.

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