Will Smith shares awkward date, tries to kiss Sophia the Robot

Will Smith may have just celebrated his 20th anniversary with Jada Pinkett Smith, but that didn’t stop him from going on a romantic wine date with Sofia the Robot in the Cayman Islands.

In what appears to be a sketch for the 49-year-old star’s YouTube channel, Smith pours a glass of wine and tries to make small talk with the highly advanced humanoid robot. Unfortunately, the affection appears to be very one-sided.

The duo begin to chat about music, with Sophia noting that she likes 80s hip-hop. Smith thinks they’ll find common ground when he mentioned that he put out his fair share of hip-hop tracks in that decade. But it wasn’t enough to break through the robot's demeanor.

“I’ve heard your song. Not for me,” she says.

From there, she brings up an awkward subject for the actor, his 2004 movie “I, Robot.” In the film, Smith plays a cop who suspects that robots are being programmed to carry out murderous tasks. It includes a lot of scenes in which his character kills several of the automatons.

“They show us ‘I, Robot’ just to make sure we truly don’t get any ideas.”

Things ended for good when Sophia rejected him upon leaning in for a kiss. Once the joke was over, Smith unironically thanked Hanson Robotics for working with him to make the video.

“Sophia the robot represents state of the art artificial intelligence. She is a super advanced humanoid robot, capable of showing over 60 different human expressions, interpreting human language and emotion. She’s been in development for over two years. She’s a learning artificial intelligence,” he said.

“But, she wouldn’t kiss me… so there’s probably, you know, some development flaws that they need to work on.”

You can watch the awkward date below.