Which stars are winning (and losing) on Instagram

Selena Gomez reached 110 million Instagram followers last week, making her the reigning queen of the social media platform.

Publicist to the stars Liza Anderson, CEO and founder of Anderson Group Public Relations, told Fox News that Gomez is a hit on Instagram for a variety of reasons.

“For starters, Selena is beautiful and everyone likes to look at a pretty girl. It’s a visual platform and she understands who she is and who her audience is,” Anderson says.


Just after Selena in the top 100 most followed Instagram profiles is Taylor Swift with 97.6 million followers. Anderson posits that it’s Swift’s open sharing about her heartbreak that brings her followers.

Following Swift is Ariana Grande with 97 million, Beyoncé with 95 million, Kim Kardashian with 92.6 million and Kylie Jenner with 86.2 million.

Less popular stars on Instagram include Oprah at 8.3 million and Halle Berry at 1.1 million. Social media strategist Jenn Herman says age is a factor in the stars' followings.

"In general the younger generation embraces it more because they grew up with it. This is more of their form of communication. The younger demo celebs excel because it’s natural for them. They’re more likely to expose their personal life, verus older celebs who keep business and personal seperate," Herman told Fox News.

Anderson says older stars' followers aren't hooked on social media.

"It’s a completely different mindset… Oprah probably doesn’t measure her popularity or status by followers, but for others celebrities it moves the needle for their brands,” she says.

Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Nicki Minaj all have more than 70 million followers.


Other celebs are succeeding on the platform in a different way. Eva Longoria has 3.4 million and Leonardo DiCaprio has 14.4. Both use Instagram accounts to promote their charities.

In the end, the relative success or failure of celebs on Instagram comes down to the psychology of whether they resonate with their audiences or not.

Herman says when celebs are overly promotional it can work against them. Some celebrities think they can buy followers, something Hermann says she does not recommend.

Anderson says there’s a psychology behind it.

"For Gomez being a fashion icon and having hit songs is huge, but it’s the human quality that transcends across a lot of platforms. You never saw that with Hollywood royalty before. The average fan couldn’t penetrate that world before like they can today… for the first time you see these people that looked infallible and they have imperfections and they struggle and it’s comforting and inspiring and something we can all relate to,” Anderson says.