Which 80's Rocker Has Aged Best?

"Jessie's Girl" singer Rick Springfield looks pretty good for 61, especially when you consider his rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

In his new autobiography, "Late, Late At Night," the '80s rocker and former "General Hospital" star reveals that he tried to hang himself when he was 17 because he thought he was too ugly. Fans of Dr. Noah Drake probably find that hard to believe!

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He also claims to have suffered from a crippling depression which he calls "The Darkness" -- a voice of self-doubt that allegedly urged him to sleep with attractive women to feel better about himself, even though he was (and is) married.

"[Sex] calmed a lot of things in me. It's something that I did because it made me feel better about myself. If this person is willing to have sex with me, than she must think I'm OK. . . . It became, like any drug, a habit," he told "Good Morning America."

He also admits that he was once in a band that used to hold up local stores, and that he unapologetically deflowered a 15-year-old when he was 25.

None of this makes Springfield look very good -- but literally speaking, he still looks pretty good for an aging '80s star.