What will Farrah Abraham do next?

First it was her chest (enlarged), then it was her chin (enlarged), then it was her chin again (reduced), and now its her lips (enlarged beyond belief).

'Teen Mom' star turned porn star Farrah Abraham can't stop going under the knife, although her latest procedure would convince most to never step foot in a plastic surgeon's office ever again.

Abraham was rendered virtually unrecognizable after a procedure to puff up her lips went haywire, leaving her looking more like something you catch with a hook.

Abraham posted several photos of herself post-procedure on Twitter -- including a photo alongside Futurama character 'Leela.'

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    TMZ reports that Abraham had an implant put in her lip instead of the traditional injections because it was supposed to be cheaper and last longer, and may have had an allergic reaction.

    Going for a budget lip plump is an odd choice for someone who says they made $1 million for their sex tape and $500,000 stripping.

    Abraham was hardly shy about her awful new look retweeting online coverage to her tktk Twitter followers. The Twittersphere as a whole was less than supportive, likeing her new look to an animal that goes "quack."

    The former MTV reality star is accustomed to having her most intimate moments recorded for all etnernity, starting with her teenage pregnancy, including her boob job and, then, well, you know, so odds are a camera will be present when Abraham takes whatever corrective measures she might need.

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